image Craft-N-Go Paint Station. Go or No Go? by Jolene Harris Box

FB_IMG_1461630781523I’m sure you’ve seen them around our little face painting world– the Craft-N-Go Paint Station. You may wonder if it’s worth the investment or not? I can speak from the voice of experience.  I purchased one of the first 100 to be produced. I was on the waiting list pre-ordered and waited months to receive mine.

I can say that it was worth every penny and all the time I spent waiting. I had seen larger Craft-N-Go used by Lisa Joy Young and contacted Craft-N-Go . I’m not saying that I’m responsible for the paint station’s design. I am sure the request was one of many to see if it was possible to make the station with extendable legs as many like me stand to paint. I was glad to see when it came out it was also smaller. They had made some key changes to the design by making the wheels bigger and making it a great deal lighter.

I was a tad bit worried about fitting all of my stuff into it. When it arrived and I opened the box I was wondering if I had made a good decision. With much rearrangement I found a configuration that worked for me. A good group to visit on face book is They have lots of pictures of set ups from various artist. You find that you use some things all the time and some things very little. So I did weed out and re-pot some things.

I have made only a few alterations to my case. I added a long strap that I scavenged from another bag.20160424_205610

It allows me to roll it in more of an upright position. Speaking of rolling it can be rough if you don’t have enough magnets on your paint. I suggest 2 per small cakes and 4 per large ones. I have Velcro to hold my wipes, cards and tip jar.

Set up is a breeze. I have been able to get set up in as little as 2 minutes (I was late and lost that day!). I can break down just as fast and be out before the dreaded puppy dog eyes come out. It is also a show stopper to once the grown-ups realize everything you need is in there! It looks so professional! I have yet to have someone not comment on my set up! As far as I am concerned 100% worth the investment!  It comes in black and purple!IMG_2222_RED

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  1. Totally agree. I get so many compliments on my CraftNGo set-up and it makes me feel worth every penny of my now-much-higher fee now that I’m not unpacking my kit out of a scruffy looking bag! I can also attend any event now that I’m confident I can get there ok regardless whether it’s upstairs, 1/2 mile across a field, in a poky little corner with no table provided 😱. I can set-up and work comfortably wherever I’m expected to paint. Would never change my kit now. Best investment I ever made…


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